The Nillumbik Ratepayers Association believe that Nillumbik Shire is becoming financially unsustainable, not only do we pay the highest rates in Victoria, we have an underdeveloped, infrastructure rich area along the Hurstbridge rail corridor which includes, Metro rail, sewer, gas, electricity and underutilised schools.

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Submission to: Submission to Biodiversity Strategy 7 February 2012 “Nillumbik has been subject to more survey and data gathering effort than any other municipality in the State”Submission to: Inquiry into Growing the Suburbs 9 December 2011

Infrastructure and business development in outer suburban Melbourne. Hamer Letters

When the Green Wedge was first developed in 1967 a significant omission was made. The Hurstbridge Railway line was left off all Maps in the document The Future Growth of Melbourne – A Report to the Minister for Local Government on Melbourne’s Future Growth and its Planning Administration, June, 1967 by the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works and the subsequent MMBW Outline Strategy 1974. Here is the original map with the missing Hurstbridge train line and the comparison to actual reality. It’s also interesting the disused Whittlesea train line was marked on the original map. Maps Here and Here.

Submission to: Outer Suburban Interface Services & Development Committee 28 April 2011

Inquiry into Livability Options in Outer Suburban Melbourne.

The Nillumbik Ratepayers Association (NRA) wishes to make to following brief submission and requests to appear before the Committee to further expand on relevant matters. We refer to Nillumbik Shire. As presented on the day to the Committee here

Nillumbik Council’s Current Planning Scheme Review proposes to change planning rules to limit development in the Green Wedge by using the VBRC findings as a reason. Latest – 2 May 2011 with Councils response to the Submissions

Submission to: Diamond Creek Structure Plan 7 April 2010