The 2020 Nillumbik local government (council) elections are looming, even with the uncertainty of COVID-19. Nillumbik ratepayers have been the big winners in this term of Nillumbik Council, with only a 3.75% council rate increase over this 4 year term.  Please note that land valuations are not conducted annually, a State government responsibility and directive.
We would like to congratulate the majority Councillors led by current Mayor Karen Egan, former Mayor Peter Clarke and supported by Councillors Jane Ashton and Bruce Rankin.  It is these 4 Councillors that have achieved the lowest rate increase ever for Nillumbik residents and ratepayers. This council have reduced council borrowings (ratepayer debt) by some $6-7M, They have NOT reduced council services. 
We note that Councillors Peter Perkins, Grant Brooker and John Dumaresq advocated for a rate rise this year even with the devastation to the economy with Coronavirus.

Nillumbik Council Rates for 2015 – 16 proposed at 5.5% which is around 4 times the current CPI. This is unsustainable.

Submission to Draft Budget 2014-2015 29 May 2014
This budget as have past budgets show that Nillumbik is unsustainable, we object to the proposed rate increase. It seems the only real growth in Nillumbik is the council, with extra staff employed every year to service a dormant shire. You are more than doubling rates every ten years, therefore you are deliberately punishing and forcing out the less fortunate so as to produce a wealthy elite shire.

Councils sting Victorians $2 billion in rate rises above rate of inflation over 10 years … Nillumbik Council had the highest average rates rise in metropolitan Melbourne, while Golden Plains and ­Ararat councils had the biggest ­increases in regional Victoria.Link HERALD SUN MARCH 17, 2014

The 2013/14 rates are up nearly 10% and it looks like it will be another 10% next year. By increasing at 4 times the CPI it is totally unsustainable for the average ratepayer. If rates continue at these levels we will see a doubling every 7 years.The 2012/13 rates have been passed with another whopping 5.9% increase. This again keeps Nillumbik as the highest rating council in Victoria. The rates have increased 27% in this term and 76% since 2005 which is unsustainable. The City of Nillumbik in Melbourne’s north will have the highest average rates of any Victorian council – $2122 – a jump of $111 since last year. Herald Sun 29th June 2012

2011 Nillumbik Tops the Rates List
Comparison to it’s neighbours

2010 Nillumbik ratepayers face one of the highest average rates in dollars ($1884) after Melbourne city residents ($2412) while Wimmera has the lowest ($946). Link

2006 / 2007 / 2008 Diamond Valley Leader 4 Jun 2008
Rates rose 13.5 percent, 9.8 per cent and 7.6 per cent, respectively, in these years. This is a 34% increase!

Mayor Warwick Leeson said this year’s rise was below the state average and consistent with the council’s long-term strategy. “When we came in we had to take some very hard financial decisions because, quite frankly, the previous administration had kept rates at an unsustainably low level” Cr Leeson said.


Diamond Creek Sports Stadium detailed design work: $200,000

Landfill rehabilitation: $675,000

Edendale Farm Masterplan implementation: $500,000

Eltham Lower Park Masterplan implementation: $200,000

WaterSmart project stage two at Coventry Oval, Diamond Creek: $174,000

WaterSmart project at Eltham North Reserve: $383,000