Senator Fielding calls for action on bushfire management in Senate speech on 15th June 2011Extreme bushfires are not just a rural problem; towns and cities are vulnerable too. Bushfires extending into Hobart in 1967, Canberra in 2003 and Bendigo in 2009 all clearly demonstrated that towns and cities are vulnerable as well. Victoria must learn from the Western Australian experience on bushfire management, because of its broad depth of research, practical knowledge, operational procedures and nil death toll for over 40 years. If the state government of Victoria fails to increase its prescribed burning, then, as the Packham report says, we are ‘living on borrowed time’—and sadly it will be only a matter of time before we have another Black Saturday.

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Below are links to the various submissions and reports commissioned by the Nillumbik Ratepayers Association.

Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission submission by the Nillumbik Ratepayers Association.The total submission including all attachments.

Bushfire ReportsThe Packham and Incoll reports commissioned by the Nillumbik Ratepayers Association in 2003. These reports were tendered to Nillumbik Council in 2003 and they were ignored with contempt by the councilors. The reports have proven in 2009 to be so accurate it is unforgivable that these public servants did not even consider them worthy of seeking advise to support their lack of bushfire expertise or just that these reports did not fit to their “Green Belt Agenda”.

Bushfire Archives
Letters, Press Clippings and Videos detailing bushfire issues over the last few years.